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After more than twelve years, the life-changing message in my best selling book “Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters” is finally FREE, so that faith can be restored to those who find themselves as I had been: without hope.

When my husband and I married, we trusted that if we just had faith in God, everything would work itself out. After all, the “righteous shall prosper”, right? However, life isn’t always quite that simple.

But after trying to raise our family on an income that hovered near (if not below) the poverty line for seven long years, it took a devastating toll on our health, relationships, and eventually on my faith in God.

After a long and intense search for answers, I discovered and applied the principles you’ll find in this (free) book. Like turning the final disc on a spring-loaded combination lock, our new found understanding allowed us to triple their income in only three short months.

I discovered that there was a GOOD REASON why we COULD keep calm, and when we calmly applied the principles, everything began to change.

The key was so simple, so powerful, and yet so typically elusive, I made a commitment to helping others discover the principles, so that families could be strengthened, and again, so that faith in God could be restored to those who have lost hope.

I have since become a three-time best-selling, award-winning, internationally published author of The Jackrabbit Factor, Portal to Genius, and Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters, as well as a contributing author to multiple Chicken Soup for the Soul publications.

While my flagship story, The Jackrabbit Factor, has been available as a free download since 2007 (reaching more than 50,000 readers and changing lives across the globe), Hidden Treasures only became a free download in June of 2014 in an effort to hasten its reach to those who need it most.

Hidden Treasures FREE Download!

After twelve years since its release, Hidden Treasures is finally available to the public for FREE! It is time to hasten its reach to those who need it most.


I read this book before it ever went to print and it transformed my life. Within a couple months my income doubled and over time kept increasing until eventually I was making ten times my original income. As I’ve made these principles a part of my life, I’ve been able to make sense of life’s challenges and more fully embrace the blessings. Learning these principles from Leslie was a turning point that changed my life forever.

Marnie Pehrson Kuhns 

I’ve read this book several times. I first came across it when I was in a financial mess. …First, It clearly put the laws of the universe in a spiritual context that rang true to my soul and backed them up with scripture. I came away understanding some scriptures better than I had in the past. Second, this book brought peace to my heart that God was on my side. He wanted me to prosper! That gave me great confidence that I would succeed by using the laws, and I did! Thank you.

Ken Carroll
Alisa Hancock

Like the law of gravity, these laws work with absolute certainty whether or not you are aware of them. So why not be aware of them and use them to your advantage so you can prosper? …Using these principles we were able to double our income… Now 8 years later, we have more than doubled that income again… During these past 8 years there have been peaks and valleys – and a few times when we thought we might be facing some pretty big setbacks, but these principles have helped us put our faith and trust in God and keep moving forward. More important than financial prosperity is the peace of mind knowing that everything (even financial setbacks) will always work out for our highest good!

Alisa Hancock

In the middle of an 8 month period of unemployment for our family …a friend gave me this book. During our previous prosperity I knew I was living in a different frame of mind, but I had no idea how I had gotten there and how to get it back. …I had lost my hope. As I read the book there were patterns that became clear, I could see how the laws had been applied in my life. The book empowered me to start consciously working in ways that attracted prosperity and abundance instead of poverty. …The principles in the book gave me a concrete way to strengthen my faith when I am weak. I know that what I need to have more than anything is Faith. Everything I really need starts there.

Liz Bradley


Increase Your Faith

"I have learned to let go of my worry about money and just TRUST that the Lord will take care of us. And he has. I am amazed at the results." Shinae Furgeson, homemaker / real estate investor.

Get Answers

If "a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven" (Matt 19:23), are we better off destitute? "…After ye have obtained a hope in Christ ye shall obtain riches, if ye seek them; and ye will seek them for the intent to do good…" (Jacob 2:18-19)
So let’s find out:

  • Does God want me to be poor? 
  • Where will the needed money come from?
  • What unseen things are happening when I express gratitude?
  • What unseen things are happening when I feel fear?
  • How can I apply faith with confidence?
  • How can I know that my needs will be met?
  • What can I do RIGHT NOW to make a difference RIGHT NOW?

Improve Your Finances

"We bought a copy for each of our children because the principles are profound and life-changing. Applying them has resulted in happier families, greater peace and joy, new kitchen cabinets, new cars, new homes… STUDY THIS! It’s amazing." Cristie B. Gardner, mother of eight and domestic executive.

Receive all you need to accomplish ALL things

"This book changed my life. Householder has an amazing grasp on the quantum physics of money and makes it super-easy to understand why we have it or why we don’t." Beth Young
"The most important of all blessings is [that] my faith in my Heavenly Father has grown so deeply that I am now more inclined to reach for bigger goals. With faith, work and lots of gratitude, I know that I will be able to achieve all these things." Maria L. 


Pain is part of the mortal experience because we live in a natural world governed by natural laws, of which we are not automatically aware. God does not need to initiate punishments for the violation of such laws because the consequences are spontaneous and natural. He also does not control the outcome of our abiding or violating them.

As the Law Giver, He does, however, understand them perfectly, and tries to teach us through the scriptures and his prophets how to live in harmony with them, so that perhaps by our obedience we may avoid more of the painful, natural consequences common to the human experience.

Discover 7 Simple Laws Connected to Blessings of Prosperity. Read this FREE book... feel the hope!

The beautiful thing about understanding the laws is that as you choose to live in harmony with them, you will also be following God’s spiritual laws because they are in harmony with each other. You will find that you can enjoy happiness, peace, and abundance now, and eternal joy in the hereafter.

What more could God want for his children?


For the first time in twelve years, Hidden Treasures is finally available to the public for FREE! It is time to hasten its reach to those who need it most. Request your copy now!

I just listened to your Hidden Treasures CDs and just have to tell you THEY ARE SO, SO GOOD! I’ve read the book, and listened to the cds before, but I just really loved listening and learning again! You explain things so well. Then, on the way home yesterday my son was with me and he said “I really like this” – he’s my man of few words, so that was big! Thank you for adding your special ‘touch’ to the world!

Carolyn Cooper

I bought the mp3 so my husband could listen to it as he drives for work. I am a firm believer in natural /heavenly laws and their blessings if obeyed, and I’m so excited to start implementing the power of this book with my desire for good stewardship and doing what God wants me to do with the money we have, so I can bless our family as well as others! This book makes SO much sense to me, and I’m going to read it over and over.

Jennifer Dayley

When I read Hidden Treasures I was at a very low point in my life. A friend loaned her book on CD to me and I popped it in the car stereo on a day of errands. I can still remember the exact place I was on the road when it suddenly clicked. “This is what I’ve been missing!” Leslie has a way of explaining the laws of thought in a way that makes them crystal clear and has helped me to really get the way that these natural laws gel with God’s laws. I’ve been forever changed because of this book.

Emily Clawson

We had our copies spiral bound…we consider them workbooks for life. …We find that adding your book along with our scripture study helps us better understand the inner workings of faith and gratitude. And like any other lesson we learn in life, repetition is key. We have referred so many folks to your books. Even loaning out our copy’s from time to time…it always turns out that after reading ours they go and purchase their own copy. Excellent stuff!

Karen Schroeder


Hidden Treasures is also available as a paperback, hardcover, or as an audio book 3-CD set or MP3. Also available on Audible. A powerful addition to your permanent success library! (Audio available in original version only.)

Easy insight into understanding principles, that when abided, demonstrates my individual power in life and control of my financial future. When I actualize that, I sleep better at night, and my awareness is pumped up during the day so that I am in control and I know it, instead of just going through the motions.

Dan Duree

I LOVE this book! Coping with the ‘worlds’ view of abundance is difficult for me. I loved how Hidden Treasures explained it with spiritual clarity which made my heart understand it. I think the message is very imporant… I have many places in the book highlighted and love listening to the CD’s. … it’s time to read/listen again!

Wanda Copier



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